Thursday, February 17, 2011

OMGG - Social Group For Older Gay Men 50+ And Their Supporters

A new social group forming in Albuquerque New Mexico for older gay, bisexual, and trans-gender men who are not into the bar scene. The group is open to anyone 18+ but the focus is on men 50+. Our goal is to have a fun group that meets on a regular basis at a local location accessible at a low cost.

If you are interested in helping with this startup group let us know by posting here. We moderate all posts. We will NOT post comments that contain your email address. We will add you to our email list at your request. Please send email list requests in a separate post.

Suggestions for a venue, time of day ( morning, afternoon, evening ), day of the week, weekdays or weekends are welcome. We hope to hold a regular general meeting weekly. There will probably be NO membership fee but a suggested small donation to cover basic costs for the venue, website, printing.

The older gay community is very diverse and there have been limited venues other than the bar scene. We also recognize potential members economic, social, family, and physical ability are highly variable. One rule is we all need to respect both are abilities and the diversity of members. Each person is on equal standing in the membership. We all can learn from and enjoy each other.

Suggestions for activities and meeting themes are also welcome. Currently we are planning on having the occasional speaker on subjects of interest to the group members.

Thanks for taking the time to consider us and we look forward to your participation. Please keep in mind this is not a "hookup" club.